Andrzej Styczeń

Andrzej StyczeńAndrzej Styczeń was born in 1971 in Łódź. He studied at the Łódź University of Technology at the Department of Mechanical Engineering where he was awarded the mechanical engineer degree. He graduated in Organisation and Management from the same university and became the Master of Science in Management.

He has been related to the banking sector for many years. He worked among others in: PKO Bank Polski SA and Raiffeisen Bank. In the recent period he was Chairman of the Board of the Łódź Technopark. His responsibilities included development and implementation of the Park Development Strategy as well as execution of the BioNanoPark project which covered establishing of one of the most state-of-the-art research and development facilities for bio- and nanotechnology in Poland. The project required acquisition and settlement of the EU funds, as well as regular collaboration of the public administration, schools of higher education and foreign centres for scientific research.

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