Ewa Polkowska

Ewa PolkowskaEwa Polkowska was born on 14 January 1962. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She completed full legal apprenticeship in the Regional Court in Warsaw and in 1990 passed the judicial exam. Since 1991 Ms Polkowska worked in Chancellery of the Senate, as a legislator, a deputy director and the director of the Legislation Office. In 2006 she was appointed head of the Chancellery of the Senate. Since 2010 Ewa Polkowska has been the board president of the Polish Legislation Society. She is an expert in legislation, constitutional law and parliamentary procedures. Ms Polkowska was a lecturer at the Kozminski University, the National School of Public Administration and the University of Warsaw. She is fluent in German and Russian.

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