Janina Bielak

Janina Bielak - zdjęcie portretoweJanina Bielak is a graduate of the Central School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw (later called: SGH Warsaw School of Economics).

In 1994, she obtained the title of a certified auditor. In the Polish Academy of Sciences, she completed post-graduate studies in the field of finance and budget accounting.

Since 2012, she has been an employee of the Polish Supreme Audit Office. Until October 2019, she worked as an economic advisor and since 2019, she was acting Director of the Accounting Bureau. At the same time, she trained auditors of the Supreme Audit Office and employees referred to NIK’s initial training for auditors.

From 1999 to 2012, she was an active certified auditor and simultaneously a CEO of an audit company. As part of her duties, she examined financial reports, audited projects subsidised from the EU funds, and prepared expertise, e.g. in terms of executing the plan of budget expenses.

Ms Bielak is an author of publications on accounting and budget reporting. Over 20 years, she was a teacher while cooperating with training companies. She also gave lectures in post-graduate studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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