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99 years of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland

On 7 February 1919, an institution responsible for modern state audit was founded in the newly restored Poland. Yet another establishment anniversary of the Supreme Audit of Poland was an excellent opportunity to promote principles safeguarded by the Office for 99 years: an honest, transparent and reliable state, diligently performing its duties towards the citizens. The mission and role of NIK in the ever-changing environment were also discussed by four heads of the Office to date. The debate took place in Lech Kaczyński’s Room – named after the President of NIK in 1992-1995 and author of the modern state audit act of 1994.

The state restored after 123 years of partitions was in need of professional and independent institution, which would safeguard public money. On 7 February 1919 Józef Piłsudski issued a decree that established the Supreme Chamber of State Control. The document was signed by Prime Minister Ignacy Jan Paderewski and Treasury Minister Józef Englich. The first to head the newly established institution was Józef Higersberger.

NIK commemorates memories of former presidents and founders of the Office. 99 establishment anniversary of the state audit institution was an opportunity to remember Józef Piłsudski, Ignacy Paderewski and three outstanding presidents of NIK: Józef Higersberger, Walerian Pańko and Lech Kaczyński. At Powązki Cemetery, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski and NIK representatives also laid flowers at the monument honouring victims of the Smoleńsk air crash, including three officers involved in the activity of NIK: Władysław Stasiak, Aleksander Szczygło i Sławomir Skrzypek.

Values fundamental for those personas have constituted  the ethos and identity of state auditors. The annual celebrations are an occasion to remind of the principal mission of officers securing the public money - to constantly safeguard an honest and reliable state, which diligently performs its duties towards the citizens.

The anniversary celebrations included a discussion panel attended by NIK Presidents. The mission and role of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland in the ever-changing environment was discussed by the current President: Krzysztof Kwiatkowski and its former Heads: Jacek Jezierski, Mirosław Sekuła and Janusz Wojciechowski. Participants of the meeting ”Supreme Audit Office of Poland - a year before its centenary. Past - present - future” discussed the achievements of NIK to date, presented its current activity and considered the future courses of the state audit.


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