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IT audit subjects adopted in Tallinn

President of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, participated in the XII meeting of the EUROSAI IT Working Group in Tallinn. The group agreed, among others, to further develop the knowledge database CUBE, used to present the results of IT audits.

The Group decided that the CUBE will cooperate with the audit database maintained by the Czech SAI. A mechanism will also be created, aimed to select subjects of future parallel IT audits (within EUROSAI). This way SAIs intend to respond to challenges related to the omnipresent information technologies.

NIK is a Vice-President of EUROSAI responsible for the implementation of its second strategic goal. - I would like to stress that the input of the IT Working Group greatly contributes to the implementation of this goal - said Krzysztof Kwiatkowski in Tallinn. EUROSAI’s second strategic goal is related to helping SAIs use new technological opportunities, promoting e-learning, enabling trainings, seminars and study visits adjusted to particular needs.

NIK delegation at the EUROSAI Working Group on IT Systems in Tallinn (from left: NIK's CEO Paul Banaś, Director of the Department of Science, Education and National Heritage Piotr Prokopczyk, NIK President Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, specialist in the International Affairs Department Maciej Czarnota)

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski emphasised that Tallinn was selected as the host city of the meeting not accidentally. Estonia is a state highly advanced in the implementation of information technologies. It has excellent, wireless access to broadband Internet. The country is almost a pioneer in IT education and technological culture. The government supports the use of new technologies and IT investments.

NIK organised the meeting of the Group for the third time. It was attended by 70 delegates, including the President of the Estonian SAI, Janar Holm, and the President of the Lithuanian SAI, Arunas Dulkys. The Group decided that starting from 2020 it will be headed by the Estonian SAI, after two terms of NIK as chair.

The European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions comprises 49 Supreme Audit Institutions and the European Court of Auditors. EUROASI working groups and task forces deal with various key issues. Since 2014 the IT Working Group has been chaired by NIK. At its last meeting the Group was joined by SAI Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Montenegro. It currently has 41 members.

Author: , Date of creation: 2018-05-16 09:51:52