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Natural disasters, cyberterrorism, refugees, ageing society, Sustainable Development Goals - those were the main subjects discussed by the organisations associating the European and Asian Supreme Audit Institutions. NIK prepared two presentations.

The conference was dedicated to ”Emerging Issues and Emergency Situations”.

Heads of SAIs participating in the III EUROSAI and ASOSAI Conference - photo in the conference building

The first subject matter of the conference comprised demography-related issues. Despite efforts of various organisations and communities made over many years to mitigate the geographic and social differences, judgements made decades ago by Feliks Koneczny (On Plurality of Civilisations), Samuel Huntington (Clash of Civilisations) or Benjamin Barber (Jihad vs. McWorld) are still valid - the world is divided into the wealthy, ageing minority and poor, younger masses.

However, nowadays the situation is worsened by the development of technology and globalisation, which facilitates migration. Therefore it is crucial to comprehensively discuss, how to prevent the world from the resulting chaos. One of the preventive measures are the UN 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals. NIK audited the implementation of SDGs by the Polish administration and presented the results of its audit.

As for the second thematic block - concerning emergency situations, NIK discussed how Poland tackles the results of natural disasters, and how it prevents them. The presentation was based on selected audits conducted by the Office.

Emergency situations in Poland result from our geographical location and climate (floods, storms, gales). We do not suffer from earthquakes, tsunamis and vast fires. However, some action methods, especially the legal and institutional ones, may be common for various types of threats, therefore the exchange of experience between the European and Asian auditors is of such fundamental importance. Even more so as the potential emergencies caused by terrorist attacks or cyberattacks are independent of the climate and political borders.

ASOSAI was established in 1979. Since then two joint EUROSAI-ASOSAI conferences were organized. The first event in 2011 was dedicated to increasing transparency and rationality of the public funds spending. The second conference in 2014 was focused on the implementation of the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI) and their future functioning.

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