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Mieczysław Łuczak

Vice-President of the Polish Supreme Audit Office

Mieczysław Łuczak

Mieczysław Łuczak was born on 9 July 1955 in Wieluń. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology and History at the University of Pedagogy in Częstochowa.

Since 2005 he was a Member of Parliament for three subsequent terms. Involved in the works of the Parliamentary Committees, particularly in the areas of national defence, local governments and the EU money spending. Before that he was a member of the Polish Counties' Association Board, Head of Wieluń County, a member of the City Council and the Chair of the County Board at the same time.

Decorated with the Gold Cross of Merit.

Before his appointment as Vice-President of the Supreme Audit Office, Mieczysław Łuczak renounced his parliamentary mandate and his political ID card (Polish People's Party).

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