Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Conference of SAIs in Sofia

President Krzysztof Kwiatkowski discussed how the organisational capacity at NIK was increased. President Kwiatkowski presented the implemented governance model based on audit quality, which resulted in increased credibility and excellent quality of audit processes. He also presented how the annual Work plan of NIK is prepared and what the competences and work principles of the audit planning team are.

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski discussed the most recent survey regarding trust towards public institutions, conducted in Poland in 2018. According to its results confidence towards the Supreme Audit Office of Poland increased again. Almost 50% of citizens trust our institution, which makes it one of the most trusted public institutions in Poland. - We are particularly glad that so many young people support us and that the percentage of negative opinions is low - said the President. According to Krzysztof Kwiatkowski the results show that NIK, as an institution, is heading towards the right direction.

Participants of the conference in Sofia

- A competent and independent Supreme Audit Institution is crucial in order for a state to function efficiently. An institution that safeguards an effective spending of public funds - stressed the President. He also reminded that the society requires the state to do more, but at the same time to limit its expenditure. Therefore SAIs play an important role in the public trust building process, because they assess both the regularity as well as the effectiveness of public authorities.

President Kwiatkowski discussed the on-going changes at the Supreme Audit Office of Poland, he mentioned the priorities of his term of office - above all to stimulate and professionalise NIK works. He also described the new methods according to which auditors work, cooperate and solve problems.

The President explained that one of NIK tasks is to maintain contact with the society, to inform the citizens on its work and the results of the activity of public institutions. - Therefore we extend our communication tools, mainly via the social media - he stressed.

The operational model implemented at NIK by President Krzysztof Kwiatkowski was based on the quality of the audit process. It assumes that:

  • Individual members of NIK top-management and directors of audit units are directly responsible for audit results and their quality;
  • Draft audit plans are prepared and persons directly responsible for audit results are supported by task forces;
  • Clear performance assessment principles are in force.

In a short time these activities enabled to implement a new planning approach and to strengthen cooperation, in particular with the parliament and the prosecutor’s office.

The changes introduced at NIK have already started to produce results. Audit recommendations are implemented to a greater extent. 70% of recommendations are executed already in course of audits or shortly after them. Only a small part is implemented with delay or is not implemented at all.

- This has all been achieved thanks to an equal, serious and proper treatment of employees, building trust towards the management, fair performance assessment. We also want to listen to our employees, meet their expectations - said President Kwiatkowski.

Bulgaria is currently holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference organized by the Bulgarian National Audit Office in Sofia gathered presidents of European SAIs. They discussed mainly how to assure independence of audit institutions, increase audit quality, strengthen the social trust and modernise audit methods.

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Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Conference of SAIs in Sofia

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