Easter wishes from NIK President

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Employees and Friends of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland,

Next Sunday we will celebrate the most important Christian holiday - namely the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is an exceptionally special holiday - commemorating the victory of life over death. Today, we particularly cherish the significance of Easter, as the world is overwhelmed by the threat of a new disease, and the media report daily on new tragedies and dramas.

But also still more and more infected people recover. And this is our glimmer of hope for the upcoming time. We should put our trust in it and draw our strength from it.

Easter is also a family holiday, when we strive for closeness and kindness. We should all wish ourselves and treasure this closeness not only today, but always. I have never thought that I will be expressing such wishes in time, when we are all in confinement. But thus they are even more significant to us.

Therefore, especially now, we should not neglect bonds - both family and social relations. Though we are not able to meet in person, we should be together mentally and spiritually. Please do not forget about each other. Let us all individually praise and cherish the upcoming Easter holiday, which commemorates the victory over death and suffering.

Let us all welcome life with great hope. Hallelujah.

President of the Supreme Audit Office
Marian Banaś

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