NIK to Chair the Contact Committee of the EU SAIs

On 11-12 October in Dubrovnik heads of the EU SAIs and the European Court of Auditors discussed, among others, how audit institutions may enhance cooperation with the EU citizens, in order to be ”more open” to their needs.

Uczestnicy spotkania Komitetu Kontaktowego w Chorwacji 1

The seminar participants also reviewed challenges that SAIs are nowadays facing, in the rapidly changing EU environment. They further discussed the recipients of audit reports (society, non-governmental organisations, journalists, parliaments), challenges faced by the EU, as well as innovative communication methods that may be used by audit authorities to involve citizens in the audit process. Members of several SAIs presented communication tools aimed to facilitate relations with external stakeholders. A projection of several films also took place, to more dynamically illustrate the innovative communication methods used by SAIs.

At each assembly the Contact Committee SAIs share good practices concerning the conducted EU related audits. This year NIK presented the audit regarding the management of the EU funds for 2014-2020 within the Cohesion Policy. Poland is a major beneficiary of the EU funds (within the Cohesion Policy it has around EUR 80 billion to spend). NIK auditors examined, among others, the effectiveness of corrective actions taken to date in order to facilitate the utilisation process of these funds, as well as the implementation progress of operational programmes.

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NIK also discussed the results of the audit regarding patients’ rights in cross-border health care. It was studied whether the implementation of the Directive 2011/24/EU (the so called cross-border healthcare Directive) had impact on the accessibility of healthcare services financed by public resources. The auditors found that the introduction of new regulations did not influence the accessibility, and that treatment outside Poland was used by a few persons only (though the interest of Poles in treatment abroad grew, mainly in the removal of senile cataract and joint endoprosthetics).

Attendees of the meeting in Dubrovnik also discussed the activity of the Contact Committee over the last year, among others, the Network on Fiscal Policy Audit and the Network on Lisbon Strategy/Europe 2020 Audit, Task Force on Public Sector Accounting Standards for European Member States (EPSAS) and Task Force on European Banking Union. Information on the organised public procurement seminar and the updated documents regarding the public procurement audit were also presented.

Prezes NOK Chorwacji przekazuje symbol prezydencji Prezesowi NIK.President of the Croatian SAI hands over the Chairmanship symbol to NIK President.

The next meeting of the Contact Committee will be organised on 27-28 June 2019 in Warsaw by the Supreme Audit Office of Poland. NIK President, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, informed that the 2019 assembly will be dedicated to Digital Europe: Challenges and Opportunities for the EU SAIS. Members will consider, among others, objectives and achievements of the EU digital strategy, as well as the role of the Member States and the Supreme Audit Institutions. A discussion is also planned on the challenges regarding the audit of the EU digitisation processes, areas to be audited and the preparation of audit bodies, as well as possible cooperation.
Traditionally, at the meeting of the Committee the current Chair hands over its function to the SAI that will host the next assembly of the Committee. Until the next CC meeting in 2019 the Committee will be chaired by the President of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland.

Pamiątkowe zdjęcie ze spotkania Komitetu Kontaktowego w Chorwacji

Contact Committee (CC) is an assembly of the heads of Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union (28 states) and the European Court of Auditors (ECA), who annually meet in order to exchange knowledge and experience related to the audit of the EU funds. The Committee’s activity is supported by permanent representatives of SAIs (the so called liaison officers), who prepare subjects to be worked on by the Committee and maintain working contact regarding maters significant for CC.

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