The Visegrad Group closer together

The Supreme Audit Institutions of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia closely cooperate. Their heads are preparing a common standpoint before the meeting of the Contact Committee in October. The Committee, constituted by heads of SAIs of the EU Member States and the European Court of Auditors, meets annually to discuss important state audit related issues and initiatives. Last year’s debate concerned, among others, the crisis of the citizens’ trust in public institutions and the role of SAIs in rebuilding it. It is essential to voice an opinion at the Committee’ meeting and to be heard. The cooperation of the V4 SAIs is a step in this direction.

The presidents of the NOK of the Visegrad Group V4 (from the left): the president of the NOK of Hungary Laszlo Domokos, the president of the NOK Czech Republic Miloslav Kala, the president of the NIK Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, the president of the Supreme Audit Office of Slovakia Karol Mitrik

At the next meeting of the Group, which will take place in June in Budapest, NIK and the Supreme Audit Office of Slovakia will present the progress in the audit of the preparedness to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goals will stimulate the activity of governments in key areas for 15 years. SAIs are actively involved in the monitoring of their state authorities with regard to the implementation of these objectives. NIK initiated a respective audit in mid-January.

The Visegrad Group cooperates in many areas. Recently NIK used Hungarian experience related to the debts of citizens with loans in Swiss francs. NIK and the State Audit Office of Hungary conducted extensive consultations in this scope.

The Presidents of the Polish and Czech SAIs closely cooperate as Vice-Presidents of EUROSAI. NIK is responsible for the 2. Strategic Goal (together with the Swedish SAI) and the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic for the 1. Strategic Goal of the Organisation (together with the German SAI). Last meeting of the EUROAI Governing Board took place on 14-15 March 2018 in Gdańsk.

The Polish, Slovakian and Ukrainian SAIs have recently conducted a parallel audit ”Protection of the International East Carpathians Biosphere Reserve”. The audit report was singed in Warsaw. Works and consultations are carried out with regard to the subject of the next joint multilateral audit.

Moreover, NIK, the State Audit Office of the Czech Republic and the German Bundesrechnungshof plan to present audit results concerning e-commerce and costs of motorways’ construction in June 2018 in Cracow.

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