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Supreme Audit Office


NIK President / Top management

The Supreme Audit Office (NIK) is headed by the President who is appointed by the Sejm for a six-year term. The term of the President does not overlap with the term of the Parliament (four years), which allows for political independence of NIK. The NIK President is also protected by the immunity. The NIK President is supported in his or her work by three Vice-Presidents and the Director General. The current NIK President is Krzysztof Kwiatkowski.




The President of NIK is appointed by the Sejm upon consent of the Senate at the request of the Speaker of the Sejm or a group of at least 35 Members of the Sejm.

The President’s term lasts 6 years. He or she may be re-elected only once.

Vice-Presidents of NIK are appointed and dismissed by the Speaker of the Sejm, after hearing the opinion of the relevant Sejm Committee, at the request of the President of NIK.

The term of NIK Vice-Presidents is not defined.

The Director General of NIK is appointed and dismissed by the President of NIK, upon consent of the Speaker of the Sejm.

The term of the NIK Director General is not defined.

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