Covers of State AuditKontrola Państwowa

Kontrola Państwowa (State Audit) has been published since 1956. It is the only scientific publication in Poland dedicated to state auditing. It is addressed to NIK auditors and other audit professionals, scientists and entities which are audited by the NIK.

In Kontrola Państwowa, there are articles dedicated to audit matters, the NIK’s activities and its international cooperation. It also covers important issues related to legal problems, socio-economic problems and matters regarding Poland’s membership in the European Union.

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Polish edition of INTOSAI standards

The NIK has been actively promoting the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI) that are developed and published within INTOSAI. In 2009, the chapter of ISSAI on performance auditing (ISSAI 3000) was published in Polish.  

Covers of Methodology Review

Przegląd Metodyczny

Przegląd Metodyczny (Methodology Review) is an internal periodical addressed to NIK auditors and audit supervisors. It promotes good audit practices, presents audit techniques and popularises new solutions applied in the NIK and in other Supreme Audit Institutions in the world.

Other publications

Apart from periodicals, the NIK also publishes books and brochures dedicated to numerous issues related to state auditing.

Our publications:

Cover of Supreme Audit Office - Tradition and the PresentNajwyższa Izba Kontroli - tradycja i współczesność (Supreme Audit Office - Tradition and the Present)
authors: D. Bolikowska, W. Robaczyński

Cover of Glossary of Terms Related to Audit in Public AdministrationGlossary of Terms Related to Audit
in Public Administration (Polish-English)

Cover of Performance AuditKontrola wykonania zadań (Performance Audit)
by R. Elm-Larsen, Polish translation

Cover of Performance Audit Manual. Theory and PracticePodręcznik kontroli wykonania zadań.
Teoria i praktyka
(Performance Audit Manual.
Theory and Practice)
developed by the National Audit Office
of Sweden, Polish translation

Cover of State Audit - a selection of lecturesKontrola Państwowa (State Audit)
a selection of lectures by Zenobiusz Rugiewicz,
NIK Vice-President in the interwar period

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