EUROSAI Governing Board meeting in Gdańsk

Participants of the EUROSAI Council meeting in Gdańsk

The importance of EUROSAI, which may initiate international audits, influence their subject matter, auditing teams and performance dates, cannot be stressed enough. One of such initiatives is the air quality audit, currently conducted in Europe. Its findings, based on audit activities carried out in several countries (including those that have yet not resolved the problem of smog), will be of great significance for the states, which are still facing this issue, including Poland.

Yet another initiative of high importance is an efficient audit of the European funds utilisation. EUROSAI enables a higher number of SAIs to get involved. Results of their work may include recommendations to provide the EU assistance, as was the case with the audit of the Bug river protection against pollution. The audit conducted in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine resulted in an application for special European funds to build modern wastewater treatment plants for Lviv, in order to protect the European environment. This would not be possible without international cooperation.

A strong and efficiently operating European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions is in the interest of all SAIs, including Poland. NIK, together with the Turkish Court of Accounts and the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic, which constitute the Presidium of the Governing Board, strive to utilise its capacities in the most effective manner possible.

The meeting of the EUROSAI Governing Board was preceded by a meeting of it Coordination Team, responsible for the implementation of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan. Heads of SAIs of Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Germany and Sweden assessed the first year of the Strategic Plan, Operational Plan and other undertakings.

Proceedings of the EUROSAI Council in Gdańsk

The Supreme Audit Office of Poland significantly contributed to the idea of EUROSAI’s Strategic Plan. First such document was adopted in 2011, when NIK presided EUROSAI. Currently, NIK is also involved in the preparation of the Operational Plan - a tool aimed to effectively implement the EUROSAI objectives. In July 2017 the EUROSAI Presidium (Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic) approved the schedule of their execution, together with the division of responsibilities of individual SAIs for the performance of goals included in the Strategic Plan.

At the meeting in Gdańsk, the EUROSAI Governing Board will discuss matters related to its management and organisation. Participants will analyse two strategic goals: professional cooperation and institutional capacity building. The debate will also concern social communication, relations with regional audit organisations and other, external stakeholders, interested in cooperating with EUROSAI.

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