National Audit Office of Kosovo wants to continue cooperation with NIK

Mr Osmani was accompanied by a group of auditors. The Kosovans observed the organisation and functioning of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland (NIK). They were informed on the planning processes, risk assessment, as well as audit mechanisms and procedures applied by NIK. Furthermore, the Polish auditors presented information regarding the HR, recruitment procedure and professional development of the staff, as well as the experience of the Office related to the audit of publically owned enterprises (POEs).

In course of the following presentations the Kosovan colleagues were presented the procedure for the selection of POEs to be audited, audit methodology of such entities and the audit quality assurance system. On Thursday they will participate in a lecture on the audit management software that may be used to audit POEs.

The guests also met with representatives of the Chancellery of Prime Minister. On Thursday they will further visit the Ministry of Energy. Also on Thursday, the Polish lecturers will be joined by Shanthi Proctor from the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom, who will present the British experience related to the audit of POEs, especially regarding its final findings, conclusions and reports.

The EC project conducted by the Polish and British auditors is a thematically restricted twinning projects, the so called Twinning Light. In course of such projects experience and good practice is exchanged between twin institutions in Member States and states benefiting from the EU assistance. This initiative concerned the exchange of knowledge regarding the audit of publically owned enterprises. However, the Auditor General of Kosovo declared that they would be willing to continue such cooperation. 

Capacity building of the National Audit Office related to the audit of publicly owned enterprises The project is mainly aimed to analyse Kosovo’s legislation regarding the audit of publicly owned enterprises, review KNAO internal procedures and audit documents, present their suggested amendments, as well as to conduct trainings on the implemented new solutions. NIK experts will participate as advisors at all stages of the audit conducted in three major state enterprises. KNAO has been preparing to carry out these audits for several years. The Office has gained experience by auditing smaller companies. NIK experts will be supported in the project implementation by auditors from the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom, who already conducted similar projects in Kosovo.

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