New rules for scooter users – a follow-up of NIK’s recommendation

After the audit on public transport in 2019, NIK addressed a proposal to change the law (so-called de lege ferenda proposal) to the President of the Council of Ministers. The law change was to define the status of private transportation means, including the use of electric scooters in public space.

The audit covered both city transport and the use of local, alternative transportation means, such as city bikes and electric scooters. The audit showed that despite dynamic development of e-scooter rentals and an increasing number of e-scooter users, there are no comprehensive legal solutions defining the principles and restrictions on the use of electric scooters in public space. Their implementation is particularly important for the safety of both e-scooter drivers and other road traffic users, especially pedestrians.  

Following NIK’s recommendation, on 30 March 2021 a law changing the Road Traffic Act came into force. The amended law defines the status of private transportation vehicles and  electric scooters as well as their users, including in particular road parts designed for those vehicles, their acceptable speed and the minimum age of persons using them.

We encourage all persons using this form of transportation to carefully analyse the new regulations. They set forth, among other things, the following obligations for e-scooter drivers starting 20 May 2021:

  • to use bicycle routes, routes for pedestrians and cyclists or cycle roads with a speed not exceeding 20 km/h;
  • to take special caution and give way to pedestrians when using routes for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • e-scooter drivers should be at least 10 years old. Younger persons may drive electric scooters only within their home area and under adult supervision.


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