Principles for publishing in „Kontrola Państwowa” *

  1. For publication, we accept scientific review and object texts, dedicated to the journal’s scope - auditing and similar.
  2. We do not accept articles that have been published in other periodicals.
  3. Articles are published only after they have been positively reviewed by two independent reviewers, in accordance with the criteria adopted for the journal: importance of the topic and its compliance with the journal’s scope; innovative approach to the issue discussed; factual and content value. The prerequisite for publication is to take into account the comments and amendments suggested by the reviewers.
  4. The reviewers are the members of the Editorial Committee (list of reviewers available from the Section ”Editorial Committee” and in paper issues on page 2). In accordance with the double-blind review process, the authors and the reviewers do not know their identity.
  5. Articles published in ”Kontrola Państwowa” are subject to copyright law. Reprinting is only possible with consent of the editorial team. 
  6. We pay special attention to authenticity of articles and to transparency of information on those who contributed to their development, with regard to content or financing. That is why all those who provide their texts for potential publication are expected to reveal all potential contributions by other persons, and to submit a written declaration that the article they provide is original.   
  7. All cases of ghostwriting or guest authorship will be revealed and the entities with which the author has professional relations will be informed thereof.

* Principles for publication are compliant with COPE standards and the requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


Developing materials for publication

  1. Please send articles via electronic mail at: in a Word file, or provide them on another electronic data carrier. Articles, including tables and illustrations, should not be longer than 16 pages - 34 lines, 2.5 cm margin, 1.5 leading. Articles should be accompanied by brief summaries in Polish, key words and bibliography comprising books and articles presented in the following order: for magazines - the surname and name of the author (authors), year, title of the article (in quotation marks), name of the magazine (italics), number of issue and pages on which the article has been published; for books - please give the surname and name of the author (authors) of the publication, year of publication, if needed - title of the chapter (italics), title of the book (italics), numbers of pages, place of publication and name of the publishing house.
  2. Footnotes should be placed at the bottom of the page, in accordance with the principles binding for our periodical; they should contain current bibliography.
  3. Potential illustrations and graphs should be sent in separate files, and values should be given allowing for preparing the given graphic item in accordance with the dummy of ”Kontrola Państwowa”. We do not publish infographics.
  4. The authors who send their articles should give their data: name and surname, degree, address for correspondence, e-mail address, phone number of fax number.
  5. The editorial team is entitled to introduce necessary abbreviations, editorial corrections and other changes to the materials received, in accordance with the requirements of the magazine.
  6. The editorial team does not return the materials that have not been ordered.

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