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Until July 31st ”Kontrola Państwowa” was listed in the register of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, based on the Article 14 (1) of the directive of 13 July 2012 on the criteria and method of awarding scientific categories to scientific entities (Journal of Law of 2012, item 877 and of 2014 item 1126), granting seven points for publishing in our bimonthly.

Due to the change in the regulations, the magazine requested to be included in the scientific Scopus database.

Index Copernicus Value 2018 ‒ 49,11.

For the principles for publishing in ”Kontrola Państwowa” and the requirements related to preparing materials in accordance  with COPE standards and the requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) - see the section Principles for Publishing in ”Kontrola Państwowa”.

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17 August 2018 11:51
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17 August 2018 11:51
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Andrzej Gaładyk
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14 November 2019 15:31
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