Declaration of cooperation

Experts from NIK have cooperated with the Ukrainian authorities for several months now, sharing their experience mostly in relations between the central- and the local government sector.

An international seminar will be organised in Warsaw later in 2015. It will address the issues of settling and auditing EU funds as well as the standards of independence of the Supreme Audit Institutions. The meeting will be attended by auditors from Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia. The Polish auditors from NIK together with representatives of the European Court of Auditors, inspectors from Baltics countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and auditors from the Visegrád Group: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will share their experience in the settlement and audit of EU funds. The issue of SAIs’ independence will also be raised during the debate. The independence of Supreme Audit Institutions is one of the pillars of democracy which the UN has underscored recently in a special resolution (69/2014).

The declaration of cooperation among the Supreme Audit Institutions of Poland, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine has been signed today in the Polish Parliament by:

  • on behalf of the Supreme Audit Office

President - Krzysztof Kwiatkowski

  • on behalf of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine:

Chairman - Roman Maguta,

  • on behalf of the State Audit Office of Georgia:

Auditor General - Lasha Tordia,

  • on behalf of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova:

President - Serafim Urechean.

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