ECA audits and values Poland

Extensive activity of the ECA in our country is caused by the division of the EU funds. According to the new financial perspective, Poland is yet again amongst the states that receive the highest amount of EU subsidies. For 2014-2020 our country has been granted over EUR 120 billion. Therefore we are one of the four states most frequently visited by the EU auditors (for instance, in 2016 ECA auditors conducted more audits only in Spain, Italy and France).

Janusz Wojciechowski during a conference organised by the Supreme Audit Office of PolandHow does Poland compare to other EU states audited by the ECA? - Very well, usually significantly above the EU average - said the Polish Member of the ECA, Janusz Wojciechowski.

What in particular does the ECA value our country for? Poland rarely commits mistakes while spending the assistance funds. Furthermore, the state quickly reacts to any established irregularities or comments submitted by Brussels. Procedures questioned by the EU are corrected, on average, in up to three months. In comparison: most EU countries take half year to proceed accordingly.

The ECA also positively assessed Poland in the report on the EU customs policy. Poland was recognised for being active in this subject field and having a sound approach to the matter. A breach of customs regulations is criminally penalised in Poland, Belgium and France, whereas in other countries only civil or administrative proceedings are initiated.

Janusz Wojciechowski reminded that the European Union has to rapidly improve the support of young farmers. - This matter is of utmost importance, if we want to assure continuity of agriculture in a multigenerational perspective - said the Polish ECA Member. The number of young farmers in the EU is rapidly decreasing. According to the last year’s report of the ECA the European support does not fulfil its role. However, data shows that the percentage of youg farmers in Poland is growing, which means that the funds provided by the Union are utilised effectively.

Poland also implements rural development programmes in a very efficient manner. Usually it takes 11 months for a submitted programme to be finally accepted by the EU. In case of Poland this period lasts on average 8 months. This is of great importance for effectiveness, because the sooner a programme is launched the more beneficial.

However, the ECA noted that there are two areas for Poland to improve. Firstly, the European Rail Traffic Management System: out of 3763 km lines dedicated to be used, Poland adapted only 218 km, i.e. 6%. The European average amounts to 8%. The second matter concerns the so called greening - increasing the acreage of permanent green areas. The area of such land in Poland is diminishing, however such a tendency may be observed in entire Europe.

Currently the ECA conducts three major audits that encompass Poland. The reviews concern air quality, animal welfare and food safety.

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Janusz Wojciechowski during a conference organised by the Supreme Audit Office of Poland

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