European Commission appointed NIK to train Kosovan auditors

The twinning project between the Supreme Audit Office and the National Audit Office of Kosovo was officially launched. Twinning cooperation is based on the exchange of experience and good practice between corresponding, ”twin” institutions in the Members States covered by the European development assistance. The implementation of such projects is financed by the European Commission. The launched twinning project will concern the capacity building of the National Audit Office (KNAO) related to the audit of publicly owned enterprises.

The cooperation, which will last six upcoming months, was commenced with the kick-off conference, organized in the headquarters of KNAO, attended by, among others, President of NIK, NIK Krzysztof Kwiatkowski with the Polish delegation, Auditor General of Kosovo, Besnik Osmani, representative of the European Union Office, Riccardo Serri and KNAO staff involved in the project.

Auditor General of Kosovo, Besnik Osmani, representative of the European Union Office, Riccardo Serri and President of NIK, NIK Krzysztof Kwiatkowski

Auditor General of Kosovo thanked the Polish delegation for their readiness to cooperate. He also admitted that NIK is highly respected by the Kosovo auditors, among others,  for its close contacts with the State Supreme Audit of Albania. NIK President assured that the Supreme Audit Office of Poland is strongly committed to implement the twinning project. Krzysztof Kwiatkowski declared that KNAO has full support of the Polish auditors also in the future. The event was of significant importance for Kosovo, as evidenced by a large number of journalists who participated in the kick-off conference.

Polish delegation presenting the basis of the project

During his stay in Pristina NIK President met with the management of the Kosovan Ministry of Finance and participated in an assembly of the parliamentary Committee for Public Finances Oversight. The Committee is the most important partner to the National Audit Office of Kosovo. Both institutions cooperate to strengthen accountability and state audit, as well as to improve the management of the public funds.

State audit is yet another area of assistance provided by Poland to Kosovo. Polish policemen, prosecutors, customs officers, border guards and soldiers, among others, are on duty in Kosovo. Poland is the most represented state in EULEX - the European Union focused on providing support to Kosovo’s rule of law. The Polish Military Contingent comprises approximately 260 soldiers. The contingent conducts manoeuvres, monitors the compliance with international agreement, organises checkpoints in order to counteract crime, supports the provision of humanitarian aid and monitors the border zone.

Capacity building of the National Audit Office related to the audit of publicly owned enterprises

The project is mainly aimed to analyse Kosovo’s legislation regarding the audit of publicly owned enterprises, review KNAO internal procedures and audit documents, present their suggested amendments, as well as to conduct trainings on the implemented new solutions. NIK experts will participate as advisors at all stages of the audit conducted in three major state enterprises. KNAO has been preparing to carry out these audits for several years. The Office has gained experience by auditing smaller companies. NIK experts will be supported in the project implementation by auditors from the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom, who already conducted similar projects in Kosovo.

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