NIK on local government employees

Local governments do not properly apply provisions of the Local Government Employees Act. They should employ officials using an open and competitive recruitment procedure. Vacancies, though, are often filled by way of internal promotion (from assistant and support jobs). NIK had a closer look at 45 local government institutions at poviat, commune and province levels. In 2010-2012, more than four thousand officials were hired there [1] – of which as many as two thousand outside of the open and competitive recruitment procedure. Moreover, part of persons hired in that way, according to favourable interpretation of the Local Government Employees Act, were not covered by preparatory service. NIK points out that such procedure is against the Act which provides that all job applicants should have equal chances.

The auditors stated as well that in 17 public institutions (38 percent) part of employees were not subject to mandatory periodic appraisal. In half of those entities it was done not frequently enough or in line with improper criteria. In one case the appraisal was made only in July 2012, that is three years after the Local Government Employees Act came into force.

The NIK audit confirmed that local governments normally require financial disclosure statements or business activity notices from their employees. Only five institutions had problems to meet the documents submission deadlines. A conflict of interest occurred in one institution (three officials had additional jobs outside work which could collide with their professional duties). 

Surveys of 414 clients of the local government institutions covered by the audit showed that they were satisfied with officials’ work. 61 percent of respondents believe that officials have sufficient qualifications to handle their issues. As much as 90 percent of clients assessed their professionalism at a high or satisfactory level.

[1] The employment level in the audited local government institutions at that time went up from 14.6 thousand to 15.2 thousand of officials.

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NIK on local  government employees

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