NIK on Organisation of VIP Flights in 2005-2010

By the end of March, the NIK will submit to the Polish Parliament a report which will present the findings of the audit related to the organisation and safety of visits of the most important state officials over those years.

From the materials gathered by the NIK it transpires that mistakes were made by institutions responsible for organising journeys of persons on managerial positions, which was due to the lack of a coherent system of procedures in the area. This hampered, in the first place, cooperation on the organisation of visits of those who used air transport of the Polish Armed Forces. The institutions that prepared such visits did not have clearly identified tasks, cooperation principles nor responsibilities. In practice, they applied various solutions based on subjective decisions, had to improvise and interpreted unclear and inconsistent regulations in various ways.

The procedures in place did not indicate an entity responsible for arranging and verifying technical details of visits related to their organisation and safety.

Threats to lives and health of persons using air transport of the Polish Armed Forces were also related to irregularities found, especially those regarding the 36th special air transport regiment (SPLT).

Subsequent ministers responsible for defence and commanders of air forces were informed by the SPLT command of problems related to staffing, training and equipment quality, still they failed to take effective activities to tackle them. Neither the Ministry of Defence nor subsequent governments worked out a coherent concept for the organisation of air transport for VIPs that would provide the required high level of safety. The NIK has also found irregularities in the performance of the Office of the Prime Minister (KPRM), the Government Protection Bureau (BOR), and the Ministry of Interior and Administration (MSWiA).       

The NIK has elaborated 49 volumes of audit documentation that were submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office. The NIK has also developed 35 audit recommendations aimed at eliminating the most serious irregularities.

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