Supreme Audit Office of Poland and the State Audit Office of Croatia strengthen cooperation

The agreement was signed with due respect for mutual interests and mandates, in order to facilitate the exchange of opinions, knowledge and professional experience concerning public audit. The agreement will enhance and strengthen cooperation between both institutions.

NIK President Krzysztof Kwiatkowski and General Auditor Ivan Klešić

In line with the cooperation agreement consultations and working meetings are to be held. Trainings for NIK employees will be dedicated to, among others, HR management and audit planning.

A mutual exchange of delegations is also planned, to discuss particular auditing areas and gain practical knowledge concerning audit authorities.

NIK and the Croatian SAI have been cooperating in many fields. This summer a closing conference of the twinning project for SAI Albania took place. The two-year project was commenced in March 2016.

This spring the European Court of Auditors, Supreme Audit Office of Poland and the State Audit Office of Croatia published the final report regarding the performance audit of the JASPERS instrument.

Commemorative photo of the NIK and Croatia's NOK delegation.

NIK and the Croatian SAI plan to also cooperate closely in the future. A joint offer of both institutions to conduct the twinning project of SAI Montenegro was submitted in July.

State Audit Office of Croatia was established in 1993 by means of the State Audit Office Act, and commenced activity in 1994. Its functions are defined in the said Act and the Charter of the State Audit Office

The office is an impartial and independent institution accountable to the Croatian Sabor. It is constituted by the headquarters in Zagreb and 20 regional offices. The SAI currently employs around 300 persons.

The structure of the headquarters corresponds to the types of conducted audits and audited entities. It also houses the legal, HR and accounting departments, as well as a unit responsible for internal control.

The SAI is headed by Auditor General, supported by deputies and assistants, who assist in the management and coordination of the office as well as its audits, in cooperation with heads of departments and regional offices.

The State Audit Office has an Expert Council, an advisory body of the Auditor General, which consists of the Auditor General and up to seven external experts, appointed by the Auditor General.

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Supreme Audit Office of Poland and the State Audit Office of Croatia strengthen cooperation

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