The delegation of the Chamber of Accounts of Azerbaijan has visited NIK

The main topic of the talks during the visit was the newly adopted Act on the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its impact on the content of some of the Twinning activities.

On the request of the Azerbaijani guests Polish auditors presented selected IT tools that are used in their daily practice as well as methodology and procedure for auditing the implementation of the state budget. Discussions were also devoted to international methodology standards of financial audit process.

The working meeting with Azerbaijan delegation.

The Chairmen of CoA listened with interest to the NIK experts’ presentations but also presented the methods of conducting budgetary audit used by CoA. The Chairman requested a critical review by the NIK experts. The reform of this branch of the Chamber's activity is one of the biggest challenges faced by Azerbaijani auditors. The Polish SAI will share its experience in this regard with Azerbaijani colleagues to support them during the implementation of this reform - both within the scope of the Twinning Project and outside of it. In order to facilitate such bilateral activities, the CoA President and the President of NIK signed a bilateral cooperation agreement.

The signing of a bilateral cooperation agreement.

In addition to the talks on the main aspects of the SAIs’ activities their heads found time to commemorate the common heroes of Poland and Azerbaijan by laying wreaths at the monument of Veli Bej Jedigar, who distinguished himself in the service of the Army of the Second Republic of Poland as well as in the underground structures of Home Army (AK) during the II World War and Maciej Sulkiewicz, general of the Army of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan - a democratic state that won its independence similarly to Poland in 1918.

This was the fourth visit of the representatives of the CoA in NIK this year. Previously NIK was visited by auditors of various ranks as well as by the Deputy Chairman of the CoA during study visits organized as part of the EU-funded Twinning Project. The Project is planned to be implemented until the end of the year 2019 and all together will consist of nearly 50 activities involving both Polish and Azerbaijani auditors and experts.

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The President of NIK Mr Krzysztof Kwiatkowski and Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CoA) Mr Vugar Gulmammadov, flag of Azerbaijan

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