To the benefit of citizens and the future – meeting of the EUROSAI Governing Board

In line with the Preamble to the Strategic Plan – EUROSAI aims to lead by example. To remain successful and relevant as an organisation it needs to constantly enhance the way it operates, takes decisions and matches its available resources with the concrete needs and expectations of its members. Presidents of the European SAIs meet regularly to discuss the implementation of strategic goals.

This year the EUROSAI Governing Board met for the 50th time. In his welcome note, EUROSAI President, Seyit Ahmet Baş, President of the Turkish Court of Accounts, stressed that EUROSAI resembles one big European family, therefore all European citizens benefit from the operation and management of SAIs.

Heads of SAIs at the EUROSAI Governing Board meeting in Latvia
Heads of SAIs at the EUROSAI Governing Board meeting in Latvia

The meeting was aimed to, among others, discuss the implementation of the two strategic goals adopted by EUROSAI, which concern i.a. professional cooperation and institutional capacity development of SAIs.

Representatives of NIK with its President Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, focused mainly on the presentation regarding capacity development. The Polish and Swedish SAIs are jointly responsible for this subject matter. Polish delegation also stressed the need and impact of mutual assistance among SAIs, especially with regard to the use of new possibilities and emerging challenges. NIK as co-coordinator of the second strategic goal „Institutional capacity development” of the EUROSAI 2017-2023 Strategic Plan, undertook to conduct the capacity development needs analysis of EUROSAI members.

EUROSAI Governing Board meeting
EUROSAI Governing Board meeting

- We are particularly glad and satisfied to be able to assist Supreme Audit Institutions in the application of new technical solutions in the public funds audit. SAIs have to keep up in the era of new technologies. That is why we talk about experience and tools that function well in practice, and why we promote, for instance, e-learning adjusted to actual needs – said President Kwiatkowski, who has since 2017 held the function of EUROSAI Vice-President. 

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski also presented the Secondments Programme, initiated by NIK. The project will enable EUROSAI Members to receive EUROSAI funded subsidies for internship of their employees. Programme participants will be selected in course of a competitive procedure, on the basis of, among others, assessment of the internship in question.   

Discussion of the heads of European SAIs in Latvia
Discussion of the heads of European SAIs in Latvia

Operation of SAIs is strongly based on constant development and improvement of the audit quality. This may be achieved by means of self-assessments and peer reviews, which have been defined in international standards. NIK was subject to a peer review conducted in 2012 by the Austria, Danish, Dutch and Lithuanian SAIs. At the EUROSAI Governing Board meeting in Latvia, NIK also presented data on peer reviews and self-assessment tools in EUROSAI.

NIK currently chairs the EUROSAI IT Working Group, which deals with cybersecurity, new methods of data analysis, as well as risk analysis by means of the latest IT systems, etc. As the chair of the group NIK representatives presented the activity report of EUROSAI ITWG.

Read more on the last meeting of the EUROSAI IT Working Group

At the 50th meeting of the EUROSAI Governing Board, NIK and the Portuguese Court of Auditors, as members of the INTOSAI Governing Board, presented the activity of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions, aimed to ensure cooperation an efficient coordination of tasks and initiatives undertaken at the international and European arena. One of the major issues is to ensure better communication related to auditing standards.

Cooperation between NIK and the State Audit Office of Latvia (SAO)


NIK President visited Latvia. During the visit NIK gained support of SAO concerning assistance for the Ukrainian SAI.


NIK participated in the peer review at the Latvian SAI.


SAO participated in the opening of the training for the Georgian, Moldavian and Ukrainian auditors, organised by NIK.


NIK and the Latvian SAI participated in the EUROSAI Congress in Istanbul. SAO was appointed member of the EUROSAI Governing Board, responsible for communication.

SAO hosted a meeting of the EUROSAI Working Group on Municipal Audit.

The Latvian SAI hosted a meeting of the RAIL BALTICA task force.

NIK President met with Auditor General of Latvia, Elita Krūmiņa, to discuss preparations to the EUROSAI Governing Board.


Auditor General of Latvia attended the EUROSAI Governing Board meeting in Gdańsk.

A meeting of the EUROSAI focus group on communication was organized in Riga.

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