Working meeting of EUROSAI Governing Board in Istanbul

EUROSAI appointed a designated Coordination Team responsible for the implementation of the 2017-2023 Strategic Plan. The Team participates in the decision making process aimed to provide a more effective performance of the Organisation’s tasks.

EUROSAI Governing Board

EUROSAI Governing Board: President of the Czech Supreme Audit Office Miloslav Kala (Vice-President of EUROSAI), Auditor General of Finland Tytti Yli-Viikari, President of the Netherlands Court of Audit Arno Visser, President of the Spanish Court of Audit María José de la Fuente y de la Calle, President of the Turkish Court of Accounts Seyit Ahmet Baş (President of EUROSAI), President of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland Krzysztof Kwiatkowski (Vice-President of EUROSAI), Auditor General of Latvia Elita Krūmiņa, President of the Moldovan Court of Accounts Veaceslav Untila

In Istanbul members of the EUROSAI Governing Board agreed on a common approach to tasks resulting from the Statute and the Strategic Plan of the Organisation. They also discussed fundamental issues, such as: Which mutual approach to implement in order to effectively work as a team? How to promote innovative and efficient working methods and communication means within the Governing Board? How to find a common ground, even in case of contrary opinions? How to maintain effective cooperation between the Governing Board meetings? And finally - how to cooperate in order to implement the ambitious strategy of EUROSAI?

- I would like our team, composed by SAIs of Turkey, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Moldova, Latvia, Spain and Poland - to be remembered as an effective, dynamic and ambitious Governing Board - said President Krzysztof Kwiatkowski in Istanbul. According to the President of NIK, the team is on the right track to achieve this goal, by means of an open cooperation between peer institutions, respect for cultural differences, mutual trust and responsibility for common goals.

Working meeting of EUROSAI Governing Board in Istanbul

At the working meeting Members of the EUROSAI Governing Board discussed, among others, progress in the implementation of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan.

Participants of the meeting decided to once again analyse the implementation process of the Strategic Plan in order to disambiguate the adopted objectives. For this purpose the Latvian delegation presented an analysis of the EUROSAI communication policy, and the Turkish colleagues prepared a new website - dedicated to the implementation of the Strategic Plan. Poles suggested to improve information exchange between the Members. A closer bilateral cooperation of EUROSAI Governing Board with individual SAIs, to inform them on the objectives and plans of EUROSAI, will raise awareness and involvement, needed to ensure effective and influential operations of the Organisation.

EUROSAI - the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions enhances cooperation of its members, in order to strengthen audit of the public sector as well as the public financial management in the region, and what follows, to support its members in the implementation of their mandates. The Organisation currently associates 50 members - 49 European SAIs and the European Court of Auditors. EUROSAI supports international parallel audits, standardises audit methodology, coordinates cooperation with international institutions and conducts trainings.

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Working meeting of EUROSAI Governing Board in Istanbul

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