Debate on the EUROSAI communication policy

The delegation of the Latvian State Audit Office visited NIK to talk about the details of cooperation between SAIs of Poland and Latvia in the EUROSAI Governing Board, as well as the objectives of the EUROSAI communication policy.

The main topic discussed was the cooperation of NIK and the State Audit Office of Latvia in the EUROSAI Governing Board. In line with the 2017 strategy, improvements in the management and organisation of EUROSAI have been introduced. Among others, Members of the Governing Board were ascribed responsibility for particular activity areas of EUROSAI.

Auditor General of Latvia with delegation

Representatives of NIK, which coordinates initiatives related to the institutional capacity building of the European Supreme Audit Institutions, presented the assumed objectives of its task, as well as the activities planned and executed to date.

The Latvian State Audit Office – responsible for the communication portfolio of EUROSAI – presented the draft EUROSAI Communication Framework. The Latvian colleagues discussed, among others, conclusions drawn at the meeting of the focus group in Riga (December 2018).

The draft EUROSAI Communication Framework was based on the conclusions of the December meeting and the results of the SWOT analysis, as well as the survey concerning communication in EUROSAI. At the meeting in Riga experts in international relations and communication of the European SAIs shared their views on the communication in EUROSAI, and presented their suggestions of possible improvements in this area. Prior to the meeting, the Latvian SAI sent a survey on the EUROSAI communication to its members, together with a preliminary SWOT analysis, requesting remarks and comments.

The main aim of the draft Communication Framework is for EUROSAI to be acknowledged by the associated SAIs as a body representing their interests and supporting their everyday work. In order to achieve this, it is of key importance for all its members to “speak with a single voice” and to support the positive image of EUROSAI..

Meeting at NIK

Participants of the meeting also stressed the need to prepare a style book. Such a solution would guarantee unified communication, and would enable to avoid discrepancies in this area, present today. The Latvian SAI proposed to create the EUROSAI Communication Coordination Group, which would provide technical and methodological support with regard to the EUROSAI communication. According to one of the ideas, already put forward at the meeting in Riga, the EUROSAI Magazine should be transformed into a blog. It is a far more modern and interesting communication form, attracting and enabling to reach more recipients.

The President of NIK supports most solutions proposed by the Latvian State Audit Office. – It has to be stressed that all EUROSAI members should be involved, in order to implement the proposals – said Krzysztof Kwiatkowski at the meeting.

Attendees also discussed the cooperation between INTOSAI and its regional group EUROSAI. Currently EUROSAI is involved in the implementation of two tasks resulting from the INTOSAI strategic plan – input into the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and review of the professional state auditing standards.

Latvian delegation in Warsaw

The guests also presented the international cooperation strategy of the Latvian State Audit Office. The strategy includes support of other SAIs in their efforts to build capacity and increase quality of the state audit, as well as input into the amendment process of the professional standards framework.

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