The Phenomenon of Twin Deficits in Poland in 2009–2018 – Research Paper

DOI: 10.53122/ISSN.0452-5027/2021.1.29

„Kontrola Państwowa” 3/2021

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Izabela Zawiślińska, Piotr Cirin


The purpose of this article is to determine the degree, direction and strength of the impact of the studied variables, i.e. the state budget balance and the current account balance as part of Poland’s balance of payments in the years 2009–2018 based on the data of the Statistics Poland. The main research questions focus on determining the type of relationships connecting the studied deficits and the degree, direction and type of interaction in light of previous studies dedicated to the hypothesis of twin deficits. The methodology used is based on integrated correlation analysis, linear regression and an analysis of the coefficient of variation. As a result of the study, a strong correlation was found between the cumulative values of the examined deficits, confirming the existence of the twin deficit hypothesis in Poland in the examined period; this means that the budget deficit affects the current account balance of payments. The main balance stabilizing the negative balance of primary incomes, in which the income of non-residents from foreign direct investment is the dominant position, is the balance of extremely dynamically developing service exports.

Key words: twin deficits, budget deficit, balance of payments, international financial relations

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